How Do I Get a Free Copy of My Credit Report?

Sometimes even good people can have bad things happen to them that may effect their credit report. Someone with a low credit score will have a hard time finding a lender willing to give them a loan or a credit card. If you do find someone willing to lend you money, you will most likely have a very high interest rate. Many people are left feeling that it is impossible to fix your credit report on your own and wonder; who can help me to fix my bad credit? We have the answer to that question. Yes, there is an answer and help is available to you.

There are many reputable credit repair services to help you improve your credit score, if you have tried unsuccessfully in the past. Most companies will provide you a free credit consultation to let you know that they will be dealing with the task of contacting the credit bureaus, including making phone contact and writing letters to them. They can handle all of the dirty work for you in order to raise your credit score to the highest it can be.

While searching for a credit repair service to assist you, make sure you do your research on each company you are considering. There are many choices of credit repair companies available online to make it even easier for you to choose one, but going with the wrong one can make your credit even worse. Make sure the credit repair company you choose can show you their track record of helping other people.

Now, you are ready to begin your search for your free online credit report service. Congratulations!

Saving Money Doesn’t Mean Giving Up Quality

America’s mindset today is “the bigger the better.” “The more it costs the more its worth.” “Get it now and pay later.” These ideas are just not smart. Our government is a prime example with our national debt at all-time record high which no one can pay for.

Frugal living doesn’t mean choosing poverty and it certainly doesn’t mean giving up quality. Many millionaires are millionaires not because they became famous or because they inherited money. They are self-made millionaires who worked hard, made sacrifices and chose to spend their money wisely. I am not saying that all of us that work hard, make sacrifices and spend our money wisely will become millionaires but we can certainly live much more comfortable and carefree out from under the stress of owing someone else our paycheck.

Here are somethings you can do to stretch that paycheck:

1. Pay cash. If you can’t pay cash don’t buy it. Stop using those credit cards. Credit cards are a trap. The only way you should use a credit card is if you pay it off in full every month. Otherwise cut it up! Charging something on a credit card and then paying it out over time ends up costing you double sometimes even triple the original cost of the item. You would be better off saving up a couple of months and paying cash then charging it and them trying to pay the credit card off. The interest eats you up.

2. Eat at home. Pack your lunch and take it to work. Eating lunch out everyday cost anywhere from $10-$15 a day. If you pack your lunch, you cut that cost down to about $2-$3 per lunch or even less if you are throwing left overs away at home. That’s a savings of $160-$240 a month. Not to mention, if you cut down the eating out during dinner time and eat at home as a family. That’s additional savings on top of the $200 a month.

3. Compose a budget. Budget your income at the beginning of the each month. Assign a set portion of your income to your major expenses ahead of time. This will help ensure that you don’t waste money. (Major expenses being: Rent/Mortgage, utilities, food, car payment, gas, insurance, savings, misc.) This helps you know what goes where and how much you have left after all is paid so you don’t overspend.

4. Buy used or discounted new. You can get just about anything you need either used or discounted new. You just have to know where to look. Don’t pay full price for anything. Big Lot’s, Ross Dress for Less, Nike Outlet, The Dump, etc. are just examples of stores that you can get discounted new items. These stores have sales and coupons on discounted new items as well. Garage Sales, furniture rent-a-centers, thrift stores and in this day and time the internet is a wonderful resource. eBay is an excellent tool for new and used items. You will be surprised what you will find and how inexpensive it is once you start looking. No one will know the difference. You will become addicted!

The Worth Of Your Antiques

Many of us love to have a hobby that will allow us to break loose from our boring and tedious lives. Numerous of us might go fishing and others of us might collect something. One of the best things to collect are antique plates. There are some of us that will have started your collection by acquiring something from your mom or nanna.

What I love the most about these is the history behind them and the hard work that was placed into producing every one. If you have a true antique than you will have something that was probably made a hundred years ago or even longer. The producer put their hearts into making it with their own hands and than painting a stunning design that they came up with.

Each one must be taken care of and dealt with care. It is also critical to recognize how much each of them cost. That way you know just how noteworthy they are and what you will be passing down to your kids.

The easiest way that you can do this is to take each one that you have to an authenticator. They will be able to study the plates and be able to tell you who produced it and any blemishes that it has that might take away from the value of it. In the end they will be able to give you an estimated price of it.

At times you will not have an appraiser in your city or it is much too costly to take every piece. Why not do the research on your own? You can find a good book on distinct antiques plate values and endeavor to know for yourself the history behind it. When you recognize who made it and during what time period you will know the price for it.

Getting Yourself the Best Auto Finance Loan

Getting yourself a best auto finance loan over the Internet is one of the best possible things you can do for yourself when it comes to getting any type of financial loan for that matter. This is because the companies that you work with over the Internet have low overhead possibly because they work through the Internet and as a result they pass on the savings to you as the consumer.

Additionally, there are no application fees that are involved when it comes to getting yourself the best auto finance of the Internet that you possibly can get yourself or as a brick and mortar banking institution or credit union you would be subjected to these fees and would have to spend money on something that is not a sure thing and can possibly be something that you would not be interested in.

This also means that you are in a position to thoroughly research all of the different companies that are propositioning you with their different terms and conditions and interest rates in order to fully understand everything that they are offering you so that nothing would be a surprise years down the line if something were to occur and so that you would be able to find the best possible solution for your own unique financial situation in a very time efficient and cost-effective manner. It will also allow you to research each company individually to make certain that they are in good standing with the community and that they have helped individuals that are in similar situations that you currently find yourself in the four you sign anything with them.

Getting yourself the best auto finance as you possibly can get over the Internet will allow you the freedom to get the bargaining power that you need to save money on the cost of the car itself the moment you walk into the dealership because you are considered a cash buyer at that point you are treated as such. You should already done all the research on the cost of the vehicle itself so you should be a position to negotiate on it without having to worry about dealing with the third party financing options that auto dealerships will try to convince you to go with if you walk into one.

This in and of itself will also save you money in the short term as well as a long term because the cheaper the vehicle is the cheaper loan is an the shorter the loan term will be in order to fully pay off the cost of the loan itself. This of course means that you should always know exactly what you are looking for before you even dare step foot onto a car dealerships lot because they will use every high pressured sales tactic that they can possibly think of it order to sell you a vehicle. You need to make sure that you know what you want and that you go for it.

If they do not have exactly what you want as you are pre-approved buyer you can simply walk away at having to worry about dealing with another third party financing company with the possibility of not being approved by them. Instead, you can go across street to another car dealership and simply negotiate on the price of the vehicle that you want there that having to worry about anything.

In the end, all it takes for you to get a great deal on an auto loan is to simply fill out the short form on our site and in no time your information will be compared against a database of the finest lenders available. Take advantage of this opportunity right now while the economy is the way it is, because now is the time to get the most out of your hard earned dollar.

NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card Vs Rushcard

Yes, I would agree, there is really no such thing as a prepaid debit card with no fees, but there are quite a few prepaid debit cards that come close. Many of these cards are very easy to obtain but some do have plenty of fees associated with there use normally requiring direct deposit and minimum balance to eliminate most or all fees. Here are some of your best options in my opinion:

The Walmart Money Card can be obtained at any participating Walmart or you can apply online. With just a $3.00 monthly fee and very low transaction fees it rates highly as a card that is easy to load at any participating Walmart especially if you live close to Walmart. Reload fees can be waived when you cash an eligible payroll or government check or you can also load your card with a Green Dot MoneyPak. Walmart has been providing discount merchandise to many consumers for years and having a Walmart Money Card could make your shopping experience there that much easier.

Rushcard by Russell Simmons hits you with a $19.95 activation fee right of the bat. If this isn’t enough to make you leery of prepaid debit cards I don’t know what is. Some of the other fees that may be charged to your card are a monthly fee, card fee, plan change fee and express cash fee. I certainly wouldn’t be happy with all these fees and don’t feel like you the consumer should have to pick your poison. There are cards that are free to sign up for, have reasonable or no fees and offer cash back, bonuses and rewards.

NetSpend is the leading provider of prepaid debit cards in the USA and can be found in over 10,000 stores and check cashing centers in the U.S. The prepaid debit MasterCard that I have is free to sign up for, has no monthly fees unless you choose that plan. Credit transactions are $1.00, pin transactions are $2.00 and NetSpend cardholder to cardholder transfers are absolutely free. NetSpend even offers a referral bonus to new cardholders as a way to reimburse you for some of those fees. NetSpend is the best prepaid debit card in my opinion but do choose your own card wisely.

Most prepaid debit cards do not require a credit check or report any information regarding your card use or fee payment history to the credit bureau so good or bad credit is not an issue. So if you are looking to rebuild your credit a prepaid debit card normally will not do that for you. If you need a fast and convenient way to access your cash funds without bank overdraft fees then choose the card that is right for you.

Medical Coding Jobs From Home

Working from home and being paid well for it is a goal of many individuals. While searching out ways to accomplish this goal many have stumbled upon a niche field in medical administration called “medical coding”.

Medical coding positions are present in hospitals, physician offices, insurance companies, home health agencies, and just about anywhere medical services are being provided and billed for. In addition to traditional hourly employment in this field there are also a number of opportunities to do this type of work from the comfort of your own home.

A standard, hourly, medical coding job is what is usually advertised in the classifieds and help wanted ads. These positions usually require individuals to be present at a specific location, punch a time clock, etc. Employees are usually paid at an hourly rate and receive benefits such as paid vacation, health insurance, and paid holidays.

In contrast, most work from home medical coding jobs are contract positions. This means that a larger company who has multiple clients farm out the work into smaller portions on an individual basis. Individual medical coders who are awarded a portion of this work are called independent contractors and are considered self employed.

Most often an independent contractor will agree to receive a specified amount of work each week, code it within a specific time frame, maintain a certain accuracy standard, and in return are usually paid on a “per. chart coded” basis. While such positions usually do not include benefits such as paid vacation, medical insurance, and paid holidays it does offer an extremely flexible schedule and the ability to work from home, which saves on travel, attire, and other related expenses.

An independent contractor can expect companies that award coding contracts to provide the work and coding software while they will be responsible for providing the computer hardware, internet connection, and medical coding books. Independent contractors are also responsible for withholding their own taxes since their payments are made on their gross earnings. At year end individuals will receive a 10-99 instead of a W-2 and will need to file schedule 1040. This can also be a benefit since work related expenses such as coding books, internet, computer, etc. can be considered a tax deduction.

Most independent contraction positions are available for a specific specialty, such as pediatrics, emergency medicine, or dermatology. These positions normally require that contractors hold either a CPC or CCS coding credential and have a minimum of three years of coding within their specialty.

Each coding specialty has its own bar rate and standard pay rate. These are important to know when discussing a contract. For example, when coding emergency medicine the standard bar rate 25 charts an hour and the average pay rate is between.65 and.75 cents per. chart for professional coding. Based on these numbers and an average work week of 40 hours (for full time) or 20 hours (for part time) an independent contractor can choose the number of charts to contract for each week based on their own speed.

For example, individuals who code the standard 25 charts an hour and only wish to work 4 hours per day (that’s a 20 hour week) should contract for 500 charts per week and could expect to gross between $352 and $375 each week. The faster an individual can code the more money they can make, so an individual who can code 50 charts per hour can either choose to contract for full time work and receive full time earnings while working only part time hours, or they can choose to contract for a large number of charts and increase their earnings.

While speed is important to an independent contractor’s earning potential accuracy is equally important. Most companies who award coding contracts stipulate that the medical coder must maintain a certain accuracy in their coding in order to keep their contract. The accuracy rate usually falls between 96% – 99%. Charts coded by the medical coder are routinely audited by the company to ensure their rates are being maintained.

Prior to being considered for a work from home medical coding job there are several things one must do. The first is to earn either a CPC or CCS coding credential. While there are multiple coding credentials that are awarded by numerous organizations these are the only two that are commonly recognized among employers nationwide.

The CPC stands for Certified Professional Coder, and is awarded by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). The second credential, the CCS, stands for Certified Coding Specialist and it is awarded by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

Each of the two credentials can be earned by sitting for and passing the 5 – 6 hour coding exam. Proper education prior to sitting for either exam is strongly encouraged and selecting the right organization to prepare you should be done carefully.

Once an individual has earned either their CPC or CCS credential the next achievement should be to gain some on the job coding experience. This is required by most companies that award independent coding contracts. It is also more beneficial for a medical coder to start out this way as well.

Succeeding as an independent contractor is dependent upon both speed and accuracy and a new coder will be neither. It is best to earn an hourly paycheck when starting out when you can code as slow as you need to and you are able to ask as many questions as you may have to.

Once an individual has gained two to three years of on the job medical coding experience they will be considered for most independent coding contract positions. The next step is to find such companies that offer these types of positions or contracts.

Most internet searches for “at home medical coding jobs” and “medical coding jobs from home” usually return more solicitation or articles than job leads. It is better to use search phrases such as “medical coding independent contractor” or “remote medical coding jobs”. Attending local AAPC chapter meetings is also a good way to hear of such opportunities from the local coding community. In addition, an individual may try calling medical coding organizations and ask if the positions they are hiring for have the ability to become remote.

Examples of some companies who hire independent medical coding contractors are avia code, maxim health information services, and med data.

How to Accelerate Your Degree Earning Plan

Mission impossible – this might be your thinking when you think of going back to school to earn a degree in the middle of your busy working life. But, the available of online degree has converted it to a mission possible that allow you to earn a degree or an additional degree while maintaining your current lifestyle. Not only that, online degree can help you accelerate you degree earn plan and provide you a fast track to reach your career goal. Let review some of the methods to accelerate your degree earning plan.

Online Degree Reduces 50% of Learning Cycle

The standard bachelor degrees offered by traditional class-based colleges may require 4 years of degree completion. You can complete the same degree within 2 years with an online degree program with spending less cost. It can help you to save significant time and money toward earning a degree.

Most of online degree programs are self-pace learning, which means you can plan and arrange your own learning schedule that fit into your time slot. In other word, you control how fast you want to complete your degree program; this also means that you can accelerate your degree earning plan by a proper time management to fit the most of courses at the same time so that you can earn a degree in the shorter time possible.

Skip Core Course with College Credit Examination

Did you know that you can “skip” many core courses by attending the college credit examinations? If you have passed the examinations, you can waive many core courses and receive the require credit for your degree earning. The college credit examinations available in more that 150 subject areas and are similar to final examinations given by colleges and universities. You can earn 1/3 or more of credits required for a degree through these college credit examinations, it helps to shorten you degree earning process significantly. Although the examinations are not free as it involves a minor fee for the exams, but compare the tuition fee required for the courses in a degree program, you still save a lot of money.

Credit Transfer to Waive Courses

Many online universities and colleges allow you to transfer your credit from previous degree to waive or skip some courses required in an online degree programs. You should check with the school admission officer to confirm what are the credits that you are allowed to transfer and what are the courses can be waived with these credits transfer. It will help to reduce the number of courses need to be taken and help you to save some money for the courses’ tuition fee as well. Don’t just accept it when the school tells you that you can’t transfer your credits; try to look to other universities or colleges for the same degree program. There may be other schools that can accept your credit transfer.


You can reduce your degree earning process significantly and accelerating your degree earning plan through online degree program added with college credit examinations and credit transfer.

Tape Reading and the e-Mini Futures


Tape reading started in the late 1800s, where traders used a ticker machine that is very similar to the ticker you see scrolling across the bottom of major news and business channels today. Early tape reading involved watching price volume closely, trying to determine which side, the buyers or the sellers, were in control. The same is true for today’s tape readers, although most have switched over to a Time & Sales window instead of a ticker. It is the same basic idea, just shown in a different format with more information.

Basically, the tape shows how many lots were filled at a given price and whether they were filled at the bid or the ask for any given market. Now although tape reading is possible on a number of different markets, I have found the e-Mini futures contracts to be superb due to their high liquidity. Every contract on the e-Mini futures trades at a different volume, so to stay consistent, I will be talking specifically about the mini S&P 500.

The Public Vs. The Pros

Volume is the single most important factor when reading the tape. By volume, I am referring to the number of lots being filled.

Most of the public traders are entering the market with only one to two lots. Professionals who trade for a living will use anywhere from a few lots to a few hundred lots. Universities, corporations, banks, and other large institutions will trade hundreds and even thousands of lots (please keep in mind we are talking about the mini S&P 500) at a time. The public is made up of all different kinds of traders. Some take the market seriously and use a system or strategy, while a great number of others picture the market as a casino. It is common knowledge that those who trade with these enormous amounts of money are simply not gambling with the market. When they take a position, they do so for a very valid reason. Which group of traders would you trust?.

Interpreting the Tape

It is very difficult to explain the tape without viewing it live. In general, these are the things to look for:

  • Which side of the market has the most volume?

You must always pay attention to this as it is the most important aspect of tape reading. Throughout the day, keep track of where the big players (100 lots and above) are putting their money. If you look to your Time & Sales window and see nothing but traders buying the market with lots sizes like 238, 120, 120, 495, 644, 80, 310, 176, etc., while there are only a few sellers with lots sizes like 58, 100, 63, you know the short term pressure is on the buy side. The same is true, just reversed, when determining selling pressure.

  • As price approaches the high or low of the day, does a significant amount of volume enter the market?

For example, you see that price is a few ticks away from the low of the day at 1523.50. All of a sudden, you see a few 400+ lots sell the market at 1523.75, and then a 1,000+ lot sells at 1523.50 and price moves down. Many of the public traders at this point may buy the market, hoping to get a double bottom; by reading the tape, we see that the true intention of the market is to make new lows. If you see a big player buying the high of the day, expect price to make new highs.


In the end, tape reading is more of an art than a science. It is not difficult to learn, but in order to get the feel of it, you should watch it live as much as possible during the normal market hours. The more experience you gain with the tape, the more accurate your calls will be.

I wish you much success in your trading!

Employee Fraud

According to CIFA’S, the credit industry’s counter-fraud watchdog, warning signs of employee fraud include:

* Staff under stress without a high workload.

* Marked personality changes.

* Always working late.

* Reluctance to take holidays or to delegate work, especially when on holiday.

* Unexplained wealth or living beyond apparent means.

* Sudden change of lifestyle.

* Customer complaints of missing statements, unrecognized transactions.

* New staff resigning quickly.

* Cozy relationships with suppliers/contractors.

* Suppliers/contractors that insist on dealing with just one individual.

* Rising costs with no explanation.

* Key employees having too much control or authority without audit checks.

* Employees with external business interests.

In a study conducted by Leicester University, over 70% of employees admitted they would commit fraud if they knew they would get away with it. Fraud is estimated to cost the UK economy between £13 billion and £16 billion a year and fraud by employees accounts for 60% of all frauds committed against business.

A lack of resources means that police response to fraud is patchy, particularly outside London. When it comes to gathering evidence, the onus is likely to be on the employer. The problems are also made worse by ‘targeted’ fraud, which are often organised by criminals. In these cases, an employee, often using a stolen identity is ‘planted’ in an organisation with the express intention of carrying out a fraud.

If you do suspect fraud, we recommend that you take legal advice immediately. You will need to gather evidence that will stand up court but all data gathered on employees must comply with the Human Rights Act and the Data Protection Act. If your suspicions are proven incorrect or you act in a way that breaches an employee’s employment law rights you take the risk of being taken to an employment tribunal. So always make sure you carry out full identity checks on any new employees.

Rhode Island Divorce – Questions to Ask About Joint Bank Accounts

Before getting married Jill and Brandon opened a joint bank account that paid a small amount of interest. Jill contributed $6,000 that she had in a certificate of deposit that had matured. Brandon inherited $12,000 from a relative and put that in the account as well.

Jill and Brandon got married and both of them contributed to the joint bank account each month for the next five (5) years. Jill filed for divorce. Several issues were disputed by Brandon, including Jill’s claim that she was entitled to half (1/2) of the entire joint bank account.

If you were to argue this before the court, what would Brandon argue?

What would Jill argue?

What does the law have to say about joint bank accounts?

Does it make a difference that contributions were made before they were married?

Are those contributions treated differently under the law than the ones made during the marriage?

What would happen to the monies if either spouse died during the divorce proceeding?

The significance of the bank accounts as marital assets is, of course, only as important in a divorce case as the amount of monies in those accounts.

If the amounts in the bank accounts are significant, it is important to know what your rights are with respect to the monies in the accounts and what arguments can be made on your behalf to obtain your rightful share of those monies.

Imagine that during the divorce Brandon discovers that Jill not only contributed 1/2 of the monies to their joint account but also used her debit card for the account excessively to buy frivolous and unnecessary items for her own pleasure and enjoyment. The amount Jill used totaled more than half of the totally of their combined contributions.

Good questions lead to good answers. If Brad’s lawyer asks the right question, such as “What is the best argument that will get Brad the remainder of the account funds?” Then Brad has the best chance of succeeding because the attorney is likely to produce an argument like this,

“Brad should be entitled to the remainder of the bank account funds. Jill’s conduct behind Brad’s back has already given her the benefit of her share which she wasted away.”

Just remember, Good Questions lead to good answers. Apply this to your entire marital estate and you’ll produce the best arguments that may yield the best results for your divorce.